10 Best Ultrasonic Humidifiers with Adjustable Mist Outputs
for March 2023

Humidifiers play a role in maintaining moisture in your home, which is ideal during the winter (when it's dry and cold) and in the summer months (when it's hot and humid). Humidifiers work by circulating water through a mist humidifier, which releases moisture into the air. The mist is dispersed into the air and evaporates, infusing your air with moisture.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use a high-frequency transducer, which vibrates the water tank, to create a high-frequency sound that water molecules convert into mist. These humidifiers typically work well for rooms up to 400 square feet, have a tank capacity of 1.5 to 4 liters of water, and mist output between 15-30 cfm. These ultrasonic humidifiers are our top picks for 2022:

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HoMedics TotalComfort Deluxe Ultrasonic Air Humidifier, Adjustable Dual 3.8L Water Tanks with Warm and Cool Mist for Home, Office or Nursery, Programmable Humidistat, Night-Light and Automatic Shutoff

HoMedics TotalComfort Deluxe Ultrasonic Air Humidifier

by HoMedics

Opt for this humidifier if you'll cancel your humidifier's warranty, since the tank is removable and replacement filters are much cheaper.

The HoMedics TotalComfort Deluxe Ultrasonic Humidifier has two tanks, each with its own mist output setting (cool and warm), plus a cool mist setting. The tanks are smaller than the Panasonic TH-55WF53K, but they lasted 2.5 hours in our tests (it can supercharge them for about 4.5 hours on high power). Compared with our previous pick, the Honeywell HCM-225W, the TotalComfort has a more powerful humidifier and larger tanks. It also adds aromatherapy and demineralization cartridges. But it doesn't include a remote or an auto shutoff feature, and the controls are difficult to operate. On the topic of controls, the TotalComfort has a dial that manipulates the mist output, and an LED light that changes color based on the current mode. It's somewhat reminiscent of the old clock radios, which weren't easy to use either, but HoMedics has simplified the process slightly by making the mist output settings more precise. The humidifier can also run on a timer. Both the humidifier and some of the light settings operate off battery power, but the main control unit needs to be plugged into an AC outlet. If you use the humidifier in a bedroom and/or don't spend a lot of time standing over a tank filling it, the Digital 4.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Built-in Bluetooth is a great pairing.

VAVSEA Cool Mist Humidifiers,5L Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom Large room,Vaporizer with Timer Remote Control,LED Touch Display,Adjustable Modes,Auto Shut Off,Humidifiers for Babies Nursery

VAVSEA Cool Mist Humidifiers

Our pick for best humidifier for large room gives you effortless control over the direction of mist output and the quality of the mist (less oil), and is designed to support multiple levels of humidity, with timer features.

The VAVSEA Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers deliver a lot of moisture without adding noise. When you place this humidifier near the bed, it'll fill the room with the rejuvenating fragrance of mist. If you're looking for something without a timer or remote control, take a look at our budget pick. But if you're looking for a humidifier that you can control remotely and fill up the whole house, the 5L humidifier is a great choice. It has lots of mist output settings, and you can also adjust the night light, which is a useful feature if you have toddlers, babies, or elderly relatives. The mist comes out pretty evenly, and the humidifier can run for a long time on just a single fill. It's quiet enough that you might not even realize it's running. The only major drawback is that it's not a particularly powerful humidifier. So if you're looking for something that will put moisture into your whole house, including your basement and bedrooms, it might not do the job.

Holmes HUL310-U-2 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier with Adjustable Mist, White

Holmes HUL310-U-2 1 Gallon Ultrasonic Humidifier with Adjustable Mist

by Newell

With a larger water tank than other models we tested, this humidifier offers more coverage for larger rooms.

This ultrasonic humidifier is designed for medium-sized rooms, and it lasts longer than most 1-gallon models. It's not as stylish as some of the higher-end models we tested, but it's well built and quiet, and it also has a more attractive, modern look. The unit has a 35-hour run time, and it comes with a remote control for easier operation. The adjustable mist output knob lets you adjust from a cool mist setting to a warm mist setting, and the Holmes humidifier produces more mist than most units we tested.

Aujen Humidifier 3L Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room, Quiet Humidifier for Babies, Air Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Level - Great Choice for Gift

Aujen Humidifier 3L Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom, Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room, Quiet Humidifier for Babies, Air Humidifier with Adjustable Mist Level

by Aujen

Built in 3.5 liters of water tank that can last up to 17 hours, you can use it in the room that is more than 200 square feet. It can release cool mist and moisturize your skin effectively, and prevent the dry air from causing illness such as nose stuffy, cough, and dry skin.

This humidifier is great for babies of any age, and it is ideal for rooms up to around 450 square feet. It produces a lot of mist and is whisper quiet, which makes it easy to run at night. The settings are super simple, and it features a blue light that turns off when it's been running for a while. The integrated water tank is convenient, though you'll still have to fill it from time to time. The humidifier shuts off automatically when it's low on water, which keeps you safe. We really liked that you could adjust the mist output by picking the level of mist between high, medium, and low.

4L Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom with Remote - Premium Unit Lasts Up to 24 Hours with 36dB Whisper Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Home with Adjustable 360° Rotation Nozzle, Auto Shut-Off

zeriyu 4L Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom with Remote

This humidifier's design, robust build, and whisper-quiet operation set it apart from the pack, but its hefty price tag kept it from reaching our top pick.

The 4L Cool Mist Humidifiers are the best that we found for nighttime use. These humidifiers produce a good, efficient amount of mist, and they produce it quietly. The construction is sturdy, and the tanks are easy to refill. All of the humidifiers we tested kept their fill lines full, and all of them had easy to read fill caps. The controls are simple, and the remote is convenient and easy to use. The only drawbacks are that while the tanks have a low water indicator, they require you to unscrew and pull back to access the fill line, which can get frustrating if you have multiple lights running. Also, the tanks are not detachable, so you can't take them to work and carry them with you when you need a humidifier. Acoustics - 4L humidifiers are quiet, with noise level of 40dB, about as low as the noise of a TV or laptop. Also, the humidifiers do not have fan, so you do not hear the noise of fan.

Humidifiers for Bedroom - 4L Cool Mist Humidifier Top Fill Oil Diffuser Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Home Large Room with Adjustable 360° Rotation Nozzle, Auto Shut-Off, Humidifiers for Baby

Valuta Humidifiers for Bedroom

This humidifier is a multi-functional humidifier, diffuser and nightlight all in one. The mist is very quiet and there's no wick or fan, so it looks very sleek. The oil diffuser offers tremendous possibilities with all sorts of different aromatherapy blends.

This is one of the best humidifiers if you're looking for one that works well in different rooms, especially if you have a large home. The auto-shutoff feature and versatility make it a good pick even if you just use it in a small bedroom. The auto-shutoff feature can be annoying—for some reason, it only shuts off when the tank is almost empty, not when it's close to empty. Also, the humidifier doesn't automatically shut off if there's no water, so it's a good idea to fill it up before going to sleep. The 360-degree swivel nozzle makes it easy to adjust how much mist comes out and where it flows. The mist is soothing, and our testers noted that the humidifier didn't release a damp, sticky residue like other cool-mist humidifiers. The downside: The reservoir can get messy during refills, and this humidifier doesn't have a timer or nightlight, so you might find it hard to fall asleep if it goes off.

Humidifiers for Bedroom,25dB Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers, 4L Top Fill Humidifiers with Auto Mode Mist Level Adjustable 12H Timer for large Living Room Home Nursery Office Desk (Black)

Orgtoy Humidifiers for Bedroom

This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is one of the best humidifiers we tested, and it's backed by a 2-year warranty.

If you are looking for a humidifier, this 4L cool mist humidifier is the one. It is pretty quiet, the mist spray is decent, and the large tank holds enough water to last a whole day. This humidifier is suitable for rooms that are up to 550 square feet. It does make a lot of noise when it runs, however, which could be a problem for a bedroom. It is, however, good for a nursery or kids' room. It also has a 12 hour timer. The assembly is easy, and the unit is really easy to set up. It is very lightweight and small. This humidifier also has an automatic shut-off feature, so you don't have to worry about running out of water in the middle of the night. Overall, this humidifier is suitable for your bedroom or nursery. It also comes with a cleaning water filter.

Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms, Whisper-Quiet Operation with Nightlight and Auto-Shut Off, Adjustable Mist, 16 hours Operating Time & Filter Included

POHL SCHMITT Ultrasonic Viral Support Humidifier for Bedrooms


This humidifier is remarkably quiet, and less expensive than some humidifiers we tested. Its water tank has a generous 1.5-liter capacity, and it has three speed settings, including a "sleep" setting that turns off automatically when water runs out.

This ultrasonic humidifier is one of the best on the market and lives up to its promises. It is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to set up. We liked the soothing blue night light and the fact that it has a water tank indicator light to warn you when it needs to be refilled. It also has a low-temp setting that shuts off automatically to help prevent the unit from burning out. The only con we have was the issue of our humidistat getting water clogged in it after only a few days of use. It should literally be 30 seconds of your time to hook up the humidifier to a regular faucet to clean it. After that, it performed flawlessly for us for about a month.

HemingWeigh Ultrasonic Humidifier with 28 Decibels, Safety Protection, Adjustable Mist, Easy to Clean Material, Tank with 2.2 Liter Capacity

HemingWeigh Ultrasonic Humidifier with 28 Decibels

This humidifier is very silent and works great. Its very easy to replace and clean. It can get pretty expensive to replace all of the humidifiers filters, so be careful withdraining and refilling. Dehumidifiers add humidity to your air and reduce humidity making your air dry in the winter.

Despite the humidifier's 2.2-liter capacity and long tank life, you can only fill it with water once, so refilling it overnight can be a hassle. Water leaking out your ears is a pretty rare occurrence, but it can happen if the humidifier is knocked over during the night. We also found it unpleasant to have to tip the humidifier back and forth to fill it. The device also comes with a small brush and reservoir cap, but its hard plastic handle makes it less comfortable to hold. The unit would get quite warm after running overnight, but it cools off quickly when it starts to run during the day. The HemingWeigh Ultrasonic Humidifier fills a space quickly and humidifies it evenly. It also produces a small amount of noise, which is about the same as a whisper. Our only major complaint is the unit's inability to run all night on a single tank, but it's a problem we've encountered with many other humidifiers, so it's understandable. Since each tank holds 2.2 liters, one tank can last you a while, and the unit has an automatic shutoff, so there's little chance of it running dry in the middle of the night.

4L Top Fill Humidifiers for bedroom, 25dB Quiet Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers with Auto Mode Mist Level, Adjustable 12H Timer for large Living Room Office Desk (White)

Orgtoy 4L Top Fill Humidifiers for bedroom

The 4L â" top fill humidifier is great for large spaces, and the adjustable mist level means no over-misting. The auto switch on the humidifier only turns on when needed, providing less noise, and it's the only humidifier that uses a customizable timer, so you can keep your bedroom cozy while you sleep.

The 4L Top Fill Humidifier is an ultra-quiet, ultra-convenient humidifier that keeps your office or bedroom at a comfortable humidity level. The tank holds 4 liters of water, which, according to our tests, should last more than 40 hours. The tank is top-fill and requires no messing, just fill up the reservoir with ease using the integrated spout. This humidifier also coupled with the 12-hour timer, it will turn off the humidifier automatically when it reaches the set time, and the HV-LL-01 is a reliable humidifier that will provide you the comfortable air environment for the long run.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers - Breathe Easy and Save Money

Humidifiers regulate the humidity in the air to prevent respiratory problems. They also help to reduce the allergens in the air. These machines help to keep your home clean and give you a warm, comfortable feeling. Here are the best ultrasonic humidifiers on the market, with adjustable mist outputs.

What is an Ultrasonic Humidifier and how do Ultrasonic Humidifiers work?

An Ultrasonic Humidifier is a device that helps in humidifying the air in your home or office. Ultrasonic humidifiers work by emitting high-frequency ultrasonic impulses into the air, causing the water inside to vaporize and create mist. This allows it to cover a larger area than an ordinary humidifier, and it releases more moisture into the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers work by emitting high-frequency ultrasonic impulses into the air, causing the water inside to vaporize and create mist. This allows it to cover a larger area than an ordinary humidifier, and it releases more moisture into the air. Ultrasonic humidifiers emit sound waves at a higher frequency than human hearing can detect. These waves are directed into the air by a diffuser plate. The water inside the humidifier evaporates with every vibration and releases moisture into the air.

What are Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

What are the benefits? Ultrasonic humidifiers emit a high-frequency sound wave that penetrates the liquid in your humidifier and helps transfer moisture into the air. This, in turn, can make the air in your home feel warmer, drier, and more comfortable. Ultrasonic humidifiers produce tiny droplets of water in the air rather than large drops that tend to fall to the ground and wet your carpets and floor. Ultrasonic humidifiers typically offer up to 5 times the level of moisture that conventional models can produce. This is beneficial if you're trying to maintain a dry environment; for example, if you have a baby or small child. Ultrasonic humidifiers also tend to produce less mist than standard models. This can make them more comfortable to use because they don't cause as much noise. Ultrasonic humidifiers are also easier to clean than standard models, and because they do not get hot, they don't pose any risk of burns or fire. Maintenance of a remote-controlled ultrasonic humidifier is simple and straightforward: fill the tank with water, set the desired mist level, and then turn it on. The humidifier will automatically turn on when the tank is empty and shut off when the tank is filled. Ultrasonic humidifiers can also be controlled remotely using a wall-mounted remote control, handset, or smartphone. This allows you to adjust the mist output according to your needs. Ultrasonic humidifiers are quiet. The ultrasonic sound produced by these humidifiers is sufficiently loud to be heard, but is generally quieter than a standard model. Ultrasonic humidifiers use just 1/3 as much energy as conventional models, thereby helping to reduce your electricity bill. Ultrasonic humidifiers come with a filter, which helps protect the unit from bacteria. This filter should be replaced at least every 6 months. Ultrasonic humidifiers use little electricity and water, making them environmentally friendly. Ultrasonic humidifiers typically come with an automatic shut-off function, which means they stop functioning when they run out of water. This keeps the unit clean and can extend its life.

Ultrasonic Humidifiers vs Evaporative Humidifiers

Humidifiers are an effective way to provide moisture to dry air in your home, and both evaporative and ultrasonic humidifiers offer different features for different needs. Evaporative humidifiers use a fan to blow air over water inside the unit, which then evaporates. These units use very little electricity and are relatively inexpensive to buy. However, the moisture they produce is dry and doesn't produce any scent (unless you're willing to pay extra for scented models). Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, use high-frequency vibrations to produce moisture. These units run quietly and emit only a subtle scent. These models can be more expensive to buy, and they don't generate as much moisture as evaporative humidifiers, but you don't need to refill them as often as you do with evaporative humidifiers.
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What are the advantages of Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

Ultrasonic humidifiers are convenient to use and can help keep your home at a comfortable temperature and humidity level. How Does an Ultrasonic Humidifier Work? An ultrasonic humidifier consists of a water tank, a pump, an ultrasonic transducer, and wicks. The pump draws water into the tank and pushes it through a tube to the transducer. The transducer, which contains an array of ultrasonic vibrations, emits sound waves that travel into the water. The sound waves cause the water to vibrate, and this vibration produces moisture. The wicks absorb this moisture, causing water to condense and form droplets. The droplets then fall from the wick and through your mist nozzle. The amount of water that the wicks absorb depends on the frequency of the ultrasound. Higher frequencies result in higher moisture outputs, while lower frequencies result in lower moisture outputs.

What are the Advantages of Ultrasonic Humidifiers?

Ultrasonic humidifiers are the best type of humidifier because they produce a fine mist that is 99% bacteria free. Ultrasonic humidifiers are quieter than other types of humidifiers, and they run more efficiently. They also don't require any filters, which make them easy to clean. Ultrasonic humidifiers also have many different settings, so you can control the mist output. Some models also have timers and humidity sensors that automatically lower the mist output when it becomes humid outside. Ultrasonic humidifiers are the best because they produce a fine mist that is 99% bacteria free. The mist is very fine and evaporates quickly, so there are no hot spots or wet spots on surfaces such as tables, walls, or floors.


Humidifiers help reduce the allergens in the air. With some of the models on this list, you can increase the humidity and filter out the smoke, pollen, and dust in the air. We hope this post has helped you learn more about the best ultrasonic humidifiers on the market. If you have any questions or want more information about a specific device, please let me know in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!


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