Top 20 Best Cordless Garment Steamers
for March 2023

With the holiday season just around the corner, winter's freezing temperatures and pre-holiday parties mean there's something to be said for hanging up your freshly pressed clothes. The best way to make sure your clothes are perfectly pressed is with a clothes steamer. These handheld appliances use superheated steam to naturally press clothes to help you achieve that ultra-smooth, wrinkle-free look.

Our Test Kitchen has tested dozens of garment steamers over the years, and we've discovered which brands really stand out. Over the years, we've tested steamers for quality, performance, ease of use, and price, as well as ergonomics and aesthetics. After thorough testing, here are our picks for the best garment steamers of 2022.

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Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875 Watt Handheld Fabric, 2-in-1 Steam and Iron Garment Steamer, One Size, Black/Blue

Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875 Watt Handheld Fabric

by Conair

The Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam is the most powerful steamer we tested. Its ability to use vertically as a steamer and horizontally as an iron makes it more convenient than many of the other steamers we tested.

Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam 1875 Watt Handheld Fabric, 2-in-1 Steam and Iron Garment Steamer, One Size, Black/Blue was easy to use and produced great results. It took less than two minutes to steam a whole blouse, and the results were far superior to steaming it on a home iron. For thick fabrics, it's best to use the included delicates brush for the best results. It heated up in about 10 seconds and steamed for a full 8 1/2 minutes before requiring another refill. For heavier fabrics, such as a pair of jeans, it took about 10 minutes, but the results were still much better than you'd get from ironing. And unlike other handheld steamers, the ExtremeSteam 1875 has an automatic shut-off feature when it's set down. It weighs about 1 1/2 pounds, has a reasonable temperature range, is maneuverable, and works both vertically and horizontally as a steamer or iron.

Electrolux Compact Handheld Travel Garment and Fabric Steamer for Clothes Powerful Dry Steam, Rapid Heating Portable 2 in 1 Fabric Wrinkle Remover and Clothing Iron, with Fabric Brush, black

Electrolux Compact Handheld Travel Garment and Fabric Steamer for Clothes Powerful Dry Steam

The 2-in-1 steamer does just what it says -- iron and steam your clothes. It can be used vertically or horizontally, and has enough steam to remove wrinkles. The removable fabric brush adds value, and the built-in fabric guard protects the machine from damage.

The Electrolux Compact Handheld Travel Garment & Fabric Steamer is a compact, convenient, and powerful garment steamer that is great for traveling. This device has a powerful 900-watt steam pump that provides a strong stream of steam, which is great for fabric. The portable steamer is extremely easy to use, and the lightweight design is perfect for traveling. The steam brush helps you easily remove the wrinkles from your clothes so that you can easily pack your clothes in a rush. However, the steamer does not feature a water tank. This means that you must refill the water cup before you can steam your clothes. The steamer has adjustable steam settings, so you can choose the amount and temperature of the steam. The steamer automatically shuts off if it has not used for an hour, and you can use the compact steam brush for fabric. The steamer allows you to steam your clothes any way you want hanging vertically or lying horizontally. The steamer is lightweight and portable, so you can easily take it with you on the go. The steamer is easy to clean. However, the removable water tank can get messy, so you need to be careful. All in all, this handy steamer is perfect for traveling.

Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Heated Soleplate with 2 Steam Options, 1600-Watts, White

Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel Powerful Handheld Garment and Fabric Steamer Stainless Steel Heated Soleplate with 2 Steam Options

by Groupe SEB

This Rowenta handheld steamer heats up to 600°F in just 40 seconds and rivals professional steam irons. It's very easy to use, too.

The Rowenta DR8120 X-Cel is an easy-to-use, fast, powerful, and portable steamer that sanitizes clothes, drapes, curtains, and furniture. The extra-large soleplate makes it easy to steam large and heavy items. It comes with a 1-year warranty, but we would not be surprised if Rowenta offered an extended warranty. This is a direct-steam, 1600-watt steamer, and in our tests it delivered a great amount of steam fast. We also liked how easy it was to use, how lightweight it was, and how easy it was to carry clean clothes to the laundry. The cord is long enough that it shouldn't be a problem in most laundry areas, and the soleplate can swivel 360 degrees and is angled so that steam will be directed where it's needed. At 1600 watts, it's more powerful than most standard home irons. The only drawback we could find is that the steam output isn't adjustable, so you can't dial it down for delicate fabrics or upholstery. It's relatively quiet at 66 decibels, and the soleplate is very durable (although we found sharp metal edges inside the unit, so be careful).

Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment & Fabric Steamer, 1500 Watt, Quick Heat Ceramic Plate Steam Nozzle, 2-in-1 Fabric Wrinkle Remover and Clothes Iron, with Cloth Brush and Lint Brush

Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment & Fabric Steamer

This handheld steamer is the only model we tested that folds up for easy portability, and its powerful 1500-watt heating element made fabrics look freshly pressed in minutes.

The Electrolux Portable Handheld Garment & Fabric Steamer is an effective garment steamer that removes wrinkles from clothes. It's easy to operate, as you can simply turn it on, place the item you want to steam, and aim at the wrinkles. The steamer heats up to 150°C quickly, so you can start steaming right away. The ceramic sole plate evenly distributes steam and allows you to walk to its other side to steam clothes that are hanging vertically, or to steam an item lying flat. It has a 8-foot power cord, so you can steam away from an outlet. It has two settings, which you switch between by pressing the steam button twice. The Steam & Refresh setting is good for things like bedding, curtains, or furniture, and it steams quickly for 90 seconds. The Fast Steam setting is for clothing, and it steams for 90 seconds as well. We tested it on cotton clothing, and it did a great job at removing wrinkles, so it's suitable for most fabrics. However, our test garment was synthetic, so we did not test it on harder materials like wool and silk. It's also a bit noisy. However, it is reasonably priced.

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Hand-held Garment Steamer 1100-Watt, Blue

Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact DR7000 Hand-held Garment Steamer 1100-Watt

by Groupe SEB

The heat from this portable steamer is strong enough to dry a jacket, but it's gentle enough for a cashmere sweater. It's also easy to use, and its water tank is easy to fill.

The Xcel steam cleaner is portable and lightweight, and it's easy to use. It heats up fast, and it cleans clothes quickly and well. The water tank has a carry handle, and it comes with a travel bag. We liked that the Rowenta is lightweight and self-contained, and that it produced a good amount of steaming power. However, it comes with limitations. It weighs only 1.1 pounds, but its packaging doesn't indicate that the water tank is removable or that it comes with a handle. The steamer does produce a good amount of steam, but its steam output isn't great, and its power setting is too weak for heavier items like sheets. the water tank is removable, so it's easy to refill. But it has a weak hose connection, and it leaks when it's sitting upright (which we did most often). Also, the hose and its spray nozzle are small. The Rowenta is inexpensive, so it's a good second choice, but it's not a good choice for tasks like cleaning heavily dust-covered carpets. For clothes, though, it's a good choice.

Steamer for Clothes, Hand Held Portable Travel Garment Steamer, Metal Steam Head, 25s Heat Up, Pump System, Mini Size, Handheld Steamer for Any Fabrics, No Water Spitting, 110V

polardo Steamer for Clothes

by Polardo

The handheld steamer is a great alternative to an iron, leaving your clothes perfectly smooth and wrinkle free. It heats up quickly, and is surprisingly compact, considering the power of its steam.

If you want a portable steamer that will tackle any wrinkles, creases, and odors in your clothes, this is the one to get. The iron heats up fast and holds the temperature well, so you can power through dozens of tucks, folds, and other small wrinkles. Its steam output and temperature are adjustable (and it can be set to stay hot for up to 30 minutes). We weren't blown away by its performance on larger patches, but that's probably due to our oversized clothes. This steamer also has a handy pump system that keeps water from spraying out while you iron. On top of that, it's lightweight and easy to use, and it folds flat for travel, saving you space in your suitcase. The only cons are that it weighs more than our former top pick, the Steamfast SF-210, and that it's slightly more expensive.

iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Luxury Edition] Powerful Dry Steam. Multi-Task: Fabric Wrinkle Remover- Clean- Refresh. Handheld Clothing Accessory. for All Kind of Garments. Home/Travel [MS208 Green]

iSteam Steamer for Clothes [Luxury Edition] Powerful Dry Steam. Multi-Task: Fabric Wrinkle Remover- Clean- Refresh. Handheld Clothing Accessory. for All Kind of Garments. Home/Travel [MS208 Green]

by Exagora - Steamer for clothes

Weezie loved the idea of a portable steamer that would produce 10 minutes of steam and fit easily into her suitcase, but she wasn't crazy about the look and feel of the Luxury Edition iSteam.

The iSteam 8mm Green Luxury Edition offers a lot of performance and features for a fair price. Its got a solid design, it's easy to use, it puts out a good steam level, and the water tank is much larger than past models. Plus, it's portable, has an on/off switch, and is fairly quiet. Most models we tested are roomier, but this steamer is significantly smaller, so it's great for traveling. The Luxury Edition has an auto shut-off feature, a 120ml tank, and it's 1.7 pounds. Unlike past models, it has an auto-shut off feature, so you don't need to wait for it to cool down. The 8mm nozzle would be great for a small apartment, but 10mm or 11mm nozzles are better suited to a larger space. The other negative is that while the Hotel-Grade Carbon Filter should purify the water, it doesn't all through the purifier. The iSteam's steam output is also more than excessive for a smaller space, but it's more than sufficient for larger spaces. Also, this steamer has an A+ Design Rating, so it's not only a high-quality steamer, but it's also an attractive model.

NUOBEIER Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Powerful Handheld Portable Travel Garment Steamer Fabric Wrinkle Remover, 20s Fast Heat-up,280ml Large Detachable Water Tank FS

NUOBEIER Steamer for Clothes Steamer


The NuoBeier steamer is handy to use for clothes, furniture and curtains. It has two steam heads, which is a big advantage, and you can quickly switch between them.

This steamer rapidly removes wrinkles from clothing and other fabrics. The unit heats up quickly, and the vacuum feature effectively pulls away wrinkles, but it has a few shortcomings. The tip on the lid isn't very secure, so it's easy to lose steam, and the small 280ml water tank is underpowered for making larger steamers. The vacuum feature also loses steam over time, so you'll need to refill the tank more frequently. The unit also lacks adjustable steam settings, so you can't customize the amount of steam. There's an easy-access temperature adjustment button, so you can set your desired temperature, but we found the temperature setting we settled on was the lowest we found during our tests.

BrightMiracle Steamer for Clothes, 1500W Portable Hand Held Steamers Fabrics Removes Wrinkles, 15-Second Fast Heat-up, Travel Garment Steamer with 280ML Large Detachable Water Tank for Home

BrightMiracle Steamer for Clothes

by BrightMiracle

This BrightMiracle steamer performs better than any other steamer we tried. It's well designed and easy to take wherever you want, with a fast heat-up and large water capacity.

The Bright Miracle Garment Steamer heats up extremely quickly, producing steam in 15 seconds. The steam head has a large area, which supports a large area of ironing clothes, and can iron a piece of clothing quickly, save your ironing time and make your life easier. It is multifunctional. Steamer can be used for clothes made of silk, wool, polyester, velvet, fiber and other fabrics, as well as for curtains, sofa carpets and bedding. The steam jet is very safe, so there is no need to worry about scratching or scalding the fabric, keep you comfortable and clean every day. Fabric steamers can be used not only for clothes made of silk, wool, polyester, velvet, fiber and other fabrics, but also for curtains, sofa carpets and bedding. The steam jet is very safe, so there is no need to worry about scratching or scalding the fabric, keep you comfortable and clean every day. EfficientlyRemoves Wrinkles Fabric steamers combine the performance of irons with the power of steam and are more effective than traditional irons. Through the 1100W power and constant steam function, it can enter the fabric area that is difficult to touch during washing, remove wrinkles, remove odors, and maintain perfect clothes. Safe & LeakproofThe steamer features an Electronic Pump System that prevents water from leaking. The lightweight and wide base design prevents the steamer from tipping over or splashing hot water. 3 steam modes (low/medium/high) are available, 280ml detachable large water tank, can steam continuously for 18 minutes, reducing the trouble of frequent water addition.

PurSteam Garment Steamer For Clothes, Powerful 7-1 Fabric Steamer For Home/Travel. Remove Wrinkles/Steam/Soften/Clean/and Defrost with UltraFast-Heat Aluminum Heating Element

PurSteam World's Best Steamers Garment PurSteam Steamer For Clothes

by PurSteam

Easy to use and more powerful than other models we reviewed, with a simple button-control steam output, this steamer is a great alternative to an iron.

The PurSteam Garment Steamer is great at removing wrinkles from clothes, but it's less impressive as a portable carpet cleaner. We found that the steam it produces isn't powerful enough to dissolve pet hair and other stubborn stains, and we didn't like the steam's tendency to separate and drip off the nozzle when cleaning large areas (like the sofa). That said, it's a decent budget choice if you're looking for a portable steam cleaner, and it's also a bargain for its class compared to dual-purpose steamers that cost twice as much. This steamer is quieter than some we tested and it's super compact, making it great for traveling. It lacks an on/off switch, though, so you'll need to unplug it when you're done using it.

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes, Portable Handheld Garment Fabric Wrinkles Remover, 30-Second Fast Heat-up, Auto-Off, Large Detachable Water Tank

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes

by Beautural

This steamer does what every other steamer on the market does, but it does it better. The water tank is built with the steamer in mind, making refills quick and easy. This is the most powerful, fastest, steamiest steamer we tested.

The BEAUTURAL steamer has a powerful 1200-watt heat output that quickly dries your laundry, but it's also easy to use, has a removable water tank, and is safe for delicate fabrics. It also has a stainless steel element. The biggest drawback is that the BEAUTURAL steamer has a plastic handle. Other portable steamers have metal handles, which make them more comfortable to hold. The BEAUTURAL steamer also doesn't fold up as compactly or conveniently as some other models, though it does fit easily into a suitcase.

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer Clothing Iron 240ml Big Capacity Upgraded Version

Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer

by Hilife

The Hilife garment steamer, with its massive 240ml tank, was the most robust steamer in our tests, yet still light and maneuverable. It produces powerful steam, and it stayed clean, with few problems with leaks. It even has enough power to go up to seven feet.

The Hilife Handheld Steamer does a great job of quickly removing wrinkles from my clothes, but it's not quite perfect for pressing garments. The 250-ml tank seems small, and the machine never seemed to boil enough water to do a decent job. Also, the steam from this machine doesn't last as long as that of the HiLIFE Handheld Garment Steamer. Still, if you're looking for something light and portable that you can quickly carry with you to a gathering or the gym, this is a good choice, and its compact size and light weight make it best for travel. The HiLIFE Handheld Garment Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Steamer Clothing Iron 240ml Big Capacity Upgraded Version is $40, and you'll find our full review here.

Steamer for Clothes, Hand Held Portable Travel Garment Steamer, Metal Steam Head, 25s Heat Up, Pump System, Mini Size, Handheld Steamer for Any Fabrics, No Water Spitting, 110

polardo Steamer for Clothes

by Polardo

The portable steamer is great for occasional use, and even does a good job steaming up a full load of laundry. It's much more powerful than the handheld steamers we've tested before, but takes up a lot of room in your closet.

I was skeptical about the Steamer for Clothes (and by the same model, the handheld fabric steamer), but I was surprised by just how effective the product is. I used mine to remove wrinkles from dress shirts and slacks, and it worked great. It's much quieter than the handheld fabric steamer, which surprised me, but the Steamer for Clothes is more compact and portable, so you can easily pack it in your suitcase without worry. The water tank is smaller than the handheld steamer, but it heats up much faster, so the device works longer between refills. The only drawback is the price. At $49, these little steamers are more affordable than many full-sized steamers, but they are still more expensive than many handheld steamers.

Steamer for Clothes,FUMORCLU Portable Handheld Garment Wrinkles Remover,950W Travel Garment Steamer,25s Fast Heating with Auto Shut Off and Leak Proof Design,120ml Detachable Water Tank

FUMORCLU Steamer for Clothes


This steamer is shockingly effective and ridiculously inexpensive. Its build quality is impressive, the heating element quickly builds up steam, and the weight keeps it firmly in hand.

The FumorClu Steamer can steam a load in 25 seconds. We also like that it has an effective 950 watts of power and is 8 feet long, which allows you easy steam placement across your clothes. It also has an impressive 120 milliliter tank, which is enough steam for two or three loads of laundry. The FumorClu is also a very durable, well-made garment steamer, and it comes with a dual-sided clothing bar that lets you hang both your laundry and your clothes in the steam. The steam dries quickly and evenly, which is a major selling point for this pricey item, since a lot of these steamers stay wet for a long time, making ironing difficult or time consuming, as well as expensive. The unit also has dual voltage (110v and 220v) and an auto-off feature. Unfortunately, the steam only fills about 15 percent of the tank, so you can't use it for long steaming sessions. But if you need something that's perfect for last-minute emergencies or quick touchups, the FumorClu is a good option.

isteam Steamer for Clothes [Home Steam Cleaner] Powerful Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Garment Steamer, Wrinkle Remover. Portable Fabric Steam Iron. Clothing Accessory for USA 110-120v [H106]

isteam Steamer for Clothes [Home Steam Cleaner] Powerful Travel Steamer 7-in-1. Handheld Garment Steamer

by Exagora - steamers for clothes

This steamer does a great job of pumping out steam to freshen up clothes. It has a good range of nozzles for different types of fabrics and attachments to use on furniture and curtains. But it's heavier and bulkier than some of its competitors, which may be a dealbreaker if you're traveling.

This steamer is so easy to use, and it does a great job of eliminating wrinkles. It works great on clothes, as well as curtains and draperies. The water tank is very generously sized, and it does come with a small travel tube, so you can take it with you. Our only complaint is that the water tank can be hard to remove, and we had to pop it back in a couple of times.

DEKOPRO Steamer for Clothes Foldable Travel Steamer Fast Heat Handheld Steamer 100ml Garment Steamer Portable Fabric Steamer for Travel

DEKOPRO Steamer for Clothes Foldable Travel Steamer Fast Heat Handheld Steamer 100ml Garment Steamer Portable Fabric Steamer for Travel


This steamer's 100ml water tank heats up in 30s, and it can provide continuous steam for 8 mins. Its foldable design allows you to store it in your suitcase.

The DekoPro Steamer is a handheld clothes steamer that you can use to evenly iron your clothes wherever you are. The compact and lightweight steamer is easy to carry and works with a mini 100ml water tank that heats up in about 30 seconds. Use the DekoPro to quickly steam wrinkles out of cotton dresses, shirts, blouse, pants, shorts, and uniforms. The steaming head is flexible, so you can steam flat clothes, such as bedding, curtains, and so on. You can adjust the steam to three different pressure settings. You can safely iron clothes even when your product is laid down. Its water and steam hose are completely leak-free, so you only need to refill the water tank once. The DekoPro is ideal for travel, and can automatically turn off after 8 minutes.

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 180ml Handheld Fabric Steamer Fast Heat-up Powerful Garment Clothes Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel

Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 180ml Handheld Fabric Steamer Fast Heat-up Powerful Garment Clothes Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel

by Lemontec

This handheld steamer gets the job done right: in seconds, it irons a shirt to perfection and gets rid of stubborn wrinkles on linen and cotton.

While the effectiveness of steam irons varies, the Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 180ml Handheld Fabric Steamer Fast Heat-up Powerful Garment Clothes Steamer with High Capacity for Home and Travel stands out as one of the most useful tools in our book. It is incredibly easy to use and quite sturdy. The iron heats up to 150°C in about 3 minutes, and since it can steam for about 30 minutes on one filling of water, it lasted about as long as any other steam iron we tested. And unlike some steam irons, it has a temperature gauge that shows you when the iron is too hot, so there's little danger of burning or scorching the fabric while steaming. This steam iron is small enough to fit into a small bag or suitcase, yet it remains powerful, emitting enough steam for a wide range of fabrics, including thick suits and silk blouses.

PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner 10-in-1 with Convenient Detachable Handheld Unit, Laminate/Hardwood/Tiles/Carpet Kitchen - Garment - Clothes - Pet Friendly Steamer Whole House Multipurpose Use

PurSteam World's Best Steamers PurSteam Steam Mop Cleaner with 10-in-1 Convenient Detachable Handheld Unit, Laminate/Hardwood/Tiles/Carpet Kitchen

If you need a great steam mop that does more than mop floors, this is your steam cleaner. We like the detachable features like the handheld unit (for upholstery cleaning or tackling grout), the scrubber for tile and grout, and the spot remover for pet stains.

The PurSteam steam mop is quite easy to use. It has plenty of black steam to kickstart the cleaning process. The swivel steam head rotates 180° in all directions, allowing you to reach every nook and cranny. The mop head is a thick pad that is easily flipped over and used to clean the floor.

OGHom Steamer for Clothes Steamer, Handheld Garment Steamer 240ml Portable Clothing Steam Iron

OGHom Steamer for Clothes Steamer

by OGHom

The steam iron design makes using this steamer for clothes easier than ironing. The included garment brush makes removing wrinkles from clothing easier than babied fabrics.

One of the cheaper 240ml steamers we tried, the OGHom Steamer for Clothes is also one of the more powerful, and it delivers stronger steam than most handheld steamers. It takes less than 2 minutes to heat up and deliver 15 minutes of continuous steam. It also has a powerful 1200W heating element, which means it can steam clothes that cost more and take longer to dry. The active cooling vents on the back help the steamer maintain a steady temperature, and the body is made from durable 304 stainless steel. It also has a long 9-ft cord, a retractable handle, and a long swivel nozzle. The nozzle is long enough that you can reach around and above a dresser or other piece of furniture. And it has a design that's not only more durable than some of the less expensive steamers, but also easier to clean. The only downsides: The handle is a bit too short and the cord isn't braided, so it's a bit of a hassle to unroll and spool. But it does come with a 12-month warranty, and the steam quality is excellent.

Garment Steamers - A Must-Have for Every Household

Garment steamers are one of the best inventions ever. They allow you to iron your clothes, curtains, carpets, and bed sheets without the help of a cord. Since you never have to worry about a cord, you can save a lot of time, especially if you need to do a lot of ironing. One of the best things about a garment steamer is that it works much faster than an iron. You can iron your clothes in a couple of minutes. You can also clean your carpets and curtains in a jiffy. Garment steamers are safe to use. You can use them without fearing that your clothes will get burnt. Since your clothes are heated up when using a garment steamer, you don't have to worry about ironing or drying your clothes either. Garment steamers can also be used on multiple fabrics. You can use them on any fabric, including cotton, silk, synthetic, and linen.

A guide to selecting the best garment steamer for your home

Garment steamers are extremely useful tools that can save you time and hassle when you are trying to iron your clothes. There are many different types of steamers to choose from, so before you buy one, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for. Consider the following points:
Portability and portability: Garment steamers can be used almost anywhere, including offices, homes, cars, and RVs. For this reason, you should choose a model with a convenient, compact design. Different models have different weight and size requirements.
Power source: Different models use different kinds of power sources, including:
* corded;
* battery-operated;
* solar;
* AC.
Steam output: Depending on the brand, garment steamers produce steam at different rates. Choose a model that produces steam at a fast rate, to avoid wasting time and energy.
Steam control: Garment steamers allow you to control the amount of steam that your clothing is exposed to. Opt for a model with a steam-control knob that lets you adjust the steam level as needed.

What are the different types of garment steamers?

A garment steamer is a device that uses a stream of hot steam to quickly and effectively remove wrinkles from fabrics. Garment steamers are incredibly useful for travelers, who may not want to lug a heavy iron around with them on trips. Garment steamers also come in handy for parents who find it hard to get their kids' clothes ready for school in the morning. There are three main types of garment steamers: manual, electric, and steamers pedal-operated. Manual garment steamers work using a similar principle to that in boiling kettles: you fill the steamer with water, set it to the appropriate temperature, and then allow it to boil. You then either pass steam through the clothing using the steam outlet or pour the steam onto the clothing. Some models come with additional attachments that enable you to steam clothes with buttons, zippers, or collars. Electric garment steamers work using a heating element, which is either built into the steamer or is a separate component that you plug in. The heating element heats up the steamer's water reservoir, which is then used to heat up the steam. Pedal-operated garment steamers are similar to the electric versions, except you press a pedal to turn it on and a foot pedal to turn it off. You can also steam clothes with this type of steamer.

What are the features you should look for in a garment steamer?

When choosing a garment steamer, you need to think about the features. Garment steamers can take the hard work out of ironing your clothes. They come in a variety of different sizes, depending on how much you iron. Garment steamers work by using the steam from hot water to iron out creases. This steam is emitted from a small, handheld device. Garment steamers can be either cordless or corded, depending on the model you purchase. Cordless steamers are easy to carry around, but the corded models are more convenient if you like to iron your clothes in the same place for long periods of time.
Features: There are several features to consider when choosing a garment steamer.
* Size - You should choose a garment steamer size according to the number of items you want to iron. Most people iron between two and six times each week, so you'll need a steamer that can hold between 4 and 10 gallons of water.
* Noise - Some steamers produce a high pitched whine when they are operating.
* Temperature - Some models have adjustable temperature, which makes it easy to tailor the steam to the fabric that you are ironing.
* Automatic shut-off - If your clothes are too close to the steamer, it will automatically turn off to avoid a fire.
* Gauge - The gauge is the number of inches the steam can rise up the garment. The higher the gauge, the better the steam.
* Auto shut off - Some steamers have a switch off feature, which automatically shuts the steamer off after 30 minutes to prevent overheating.
* The water tank - The water tank should be removable, so that you can easily refill it.
* Water reservoir - You should choose a steamer that has a large reservoir, which will last you several hours.
* Steam flow - Garment steamers usually come with one or two steam flow settings, so that you can tailor the amount of steam to the piece of clothing.
* Accessories - Some steamers come with accessories, such as a garment hanger, ironing board, and garment brush.

How to choose the best clothes steamer?

When it comes to choosing a clothes steamer, there are many things that you should consider. First, you should pick one that is powerful enough to thoroughly wet your clothes. You should also make sure that it can hold enough water to solve your dust problem. The steamer's Wattage capacity is one of the most important factors to consider. A higher Wattage capacity means a faster steam production. Most steamers use 1500-1800 watts. Larger steamers may have 2500-3000 watts. A clothes steamer should also be lightweight and portable. Most steamers are lightweight and portable because they are equipped with tanks that are small and compact. The steamer's easiness of use is another factor to consider. Most steamers are easy to operate because they are equipped with on/off buttons or switches. A clothes steamer should also be durable. Clothes steamers can last for a long time if they are made of high-quality materials that can withstand majority of applications.


Garment steamers are easy to use, and there are plenty of models available on the market today. Before purchasing one, it's important to learn the different types of garment steamers on the market. I hope this post will help! Let me know in the comments below - I'd love to hear from you!


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