Top 10 Recorder Pens
for June 2023

Want to jot down notes from a presentation as you're listening to it? Record an audio note on your phone? Or, perhaps you want jot down ideas while brainstorming with your team.

In 2015, the Different Guide's Digital Audio Lab tested the best recorder pens to help you find the right product for your needs. We tested 10 pens, including four fountain pens (one of which doubles as a stylus), four rollerball pens, and one ballpoint pen. We found that the best pens record high-quality audio, but many other pens didn't record sound at all.

Here are the 10 best recorder pens you can buy right now:

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Hidden Camera Pen 32GB,FUVISION Full HD 1080P Spy Pen Camera Camcorder with Photo Taking,2 Hours Battery Pen Camera,Portable Digital Recorder with 3 Ink Refills Pocket DVR for Business and Conference

FUVISION Hidden Camera Pen 32GB

by Fuvision
What We like

A great value record pen, the FUVISION Full HD 1080P Spy Pen Camera Camcorder with Photo Taking,2 Hours Battery Pen Camera,Portable Digital Recorder with 3 Ink Refills Pocket DVR for Business and Conference can be a perfect employee monitoring device for offices.

Pen Camera CAMXSW HD 1080P Portable Cameras Pen Mini Pocket Convert Audio Camera and Video Recorder with Photo Shoot for Business conferenceand Security

Pen Camera CAMXSW HD 1080P Portable Cameras Pen Mini Pocket Convert Audio Camera and Video Recorder with Photo Shoot for Business conferenceand Security

What We like

This pen camera is practical yet high-quality, however, it does lack the flexibility offered by some of the other cameras, and it's a bit bulky for day-to-day use.

Spy Pen Camera, HD 1080P Hidden Camera Portable Digital Video Recorder, Mini Body Camera with Loop Recording Wireless Security Nanny Pen Comcorder for Business and Conference

DareTang Spy Pen Camera

by Shenzhen DareTang Technology Co.,Ltd
What We like

The Spy Pen Camera is undoubtedly the best camera pen on the market. The ability to record high definition 1080P video at 75 degrees wide to 32 GB micro SD flash memory make it one of the top spy cameras.

32GB Digital Voice Recorder and Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Device,Mini Portable Audio Recording Pen USB MP3 Player for Lectures Classes, Stylus Pen with Palm Rejection and Tilt Function for iPad 2018 and Later

Brinonac 32GB Digital Voice Recorder and Stylus Pen 2-in-1 Device

by Brinonac
What We like

Even inconsistent voices sound clear and natural after you record them. Our testers found this voice recorder provides great audio clarity, especially in noisy environments.

Mini Small Voice Activated Audio Recorder Super Long 288 Hour Storage Capacity (8GB) | 25 Day Standby Battery & up to 28 hrs Cont. | Date & Time Stamp | Easy to Use | Crystal Clear Digital Recording

Kawtco Mini Small Voice Activated Audio Recorder Super Long 288 Hour Storage Capacity (8GB)

by Kawtco
What We like

This spy audio recorder represents the best value you can find. It's a super cheap audio recorder that also records 288 hours worth of audio, so you'll always have a date to remember.

Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-In USB Voice Recorder,black

Sony ICD-PX370 Mono Digital Voice Recorder with Built-In USB Voice Recorder

by Sony
What We like

This recorder performed best in our audio quality tests, but the audio out wasn't great. Replacing the battery was a hassle. Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5

Voice Recorder - Magnetic 32GB Voice Activated Recorder Device 288 Hours Recording Time Battery 2500mAh Long Standby - Portable Small Audio Recorder for Interview, Meeting, Lecture and Class


What We like

A well-designed recorder for interviews and conversations, plus its high capacity battery makes it suitable for classes and other audio use.

32GB Digital Voice Recorder - Voice-Activated Audio Recorder Mini Tape Recorder with Playback, Over 173 Hours HD Recording Storage, 12 Hours Continual Recording, Rechargeable

BentMax 32GB Digital Voice Recorder

by Max Trade Co.
What We like

The voice recorder is compact, durable, and easy to use. It comes with 32GB of storage, can record up to 173 hours, and is ideal for students, journalists, or anyone who needs to record audio on the go.

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Digital Pen – Compatible with iOS, Android, Smartphones, Tablets (Latest Version)

Livescribe Symphony Smartpen Digital Pen – Compatible with iOS

by Anoto Korea
What We like

The Livescribe Symphony pencil and app provide a great solution for taking notes and writing down ideas. The $200 price tag may be a bit steep for some, but the functionality of the product and ease of use make it well worth the investment.

Hear+Hi 32GB Voice Recorder, Digital Recorders for Lectures, Conferences, Interviews, 384 Hr Recording Capacity 20 Hr Battery Life Mini Recorder, Intelligent Noise Reduction, Portable USB MP3 playback

NC Hear+Hi 32GB Voice Recorder

by N\C
What We like

This voice recorder performed well in our tests. Its features, from digital audio recording to powerful noise reduction technology, make it a valuable asset for any business.

A Guide to the Recorder Pen

Whether you are a professional musician or an aspiring musician, a best recorder pen is an essential tool. From voice to guitar, there are many instruments that require the use of a pen to record notes. A recorder pen is a soft rubber tip that is placed on the end of a recorder. There are different types of recorder pens. These include plastic, rubber, and foam tips. These tips can be of varying sizes, and they come in different colors. One of the advantages of a recorder pen is that it can be used on any recorder. Since it is soft tip, it cannot be easily damaged. A recorder pen works like a sponge. It absorbs the sound that is being played on the recorder, and it transfers it to the recorder, which is then recorded. A recorder pen is also extremely easy to work with. The tips are soft and are easily replaceable. Another essential feature of a recorder pen is that it is portable. You can easily carry a recorder pen in your bag or pocket and record any piece of music at any time. These are just some of the essential features of a recorder pen. You can buy a best recorder pen at affordable online prices.

What is an ink-jet recorder and how do they work?

An ink-jet recorder is a type of device that uses a stylus or pen to move ink to paper. These devices use a piezoelectric transducer to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, which moves the stylus across the paper. The ink-jet recorder was invented in 1970 by researchers at Xerox PARC (formerly Palo Alto Research Center). They used an electrostatic charge to control the flow of ink from the ink cartridge. The stylus would float over a charged plate, and when a negative charge was applied to the stylus, it would repel the charged plate, moving the ink through the nozzle and onto the paper. Later, in 1976, Hewlett-Packard (HP) developed their own ink-jet recorder, using a thermal printhead instead of a piezoelectric transducer. These devices use heated ink to create pressure, which moves the printhead across the paper. Today, ink-jet recorders are widely used in music production software and in printing and copying. They are also widely used in video gaming and in arts and crafts.

What are the different types of ink-jet recorders?

There are different types of ink-jet recorders.
Inkjet pen - An ink-jet pen records information with a pen-like tool. You place a piece of paper under the tip and it writes onto the paper.
Inkjet printer - An ink-jet printer prints information onto a piece of paper. You put paper into the printer and it prints the information onto the paper.

What are the different kinds of recording pens?

Recording pens are pens that record messages or messages for a call. They are mainly used in call centers and in emergencies. There are several different kinds of recording pens. Some of them are mechanical pens and some of them are electronic pens. Mechanical recording pens have a mechanism in the pen that records the sound. Electronic recording pens are pens that record the sound electronically. They do not need a mechanism in the pen to record sound.

What are the benefits of using ink-jet recorders?

If you're someone who writes notes or does homework by hand, you may be missing out on some of the benefits that an ink-jet recorder can provide. An ink-jet recorder is a device that allows you to use a pen to draw directly onto the device. The pen will pressurize ink that then flows onto the paper as you draw. Unlike traditional ink-jet printers, an ink-jet recorder doesn't use toner, which is a type of powder that sticks to the paper by electrostatically charging it. Instead, the ink-jet recorder uses heat to cure the ink on the paper, which then allows it to hold its color. There are many benefits to using an ink-jet recorder versus traditional ink-jet printers and pens:
Efficiency: Ink-jet recorders are much more efficient than traditional ink-jet printers. Traditional ink-jet printers require you to load the cartridge, wait for it to warm up, and print multiple pages before you can go onto the next page. With an ink-jet recorder, you can immediately start drawing on the next page when you finish the current page.
Paper compatibility: Ink-jet recorders use ink to "print" your notes, so they're compatible with most types of paper. Traditional ink-jet printers, on the other hand, use toner, which can't "print" on paper, so you have to select an ink-jet compatible paper to use with your pen.
Low maintenance: Ink-jet recorders don't require regular ink cartridge changes, and the ink doesn't dry up over time. Traditional ink-jet printers, on the other hand, require you to buy new cartridges for the printer and the ink can dry up over time.
Draw on any type of paper: Ink-jet recorders allow you to draw on any type of paper. Traditional ink-jet printers only allow you to use a specific type of sheet paper, which can be difficult when you need to draw on other types of paper.
Price: Ink-jet recorders tend to be less expensive than traditional ink-jet printers.

What are the pros and cons to using ink-jet recorders?

Ink-jet recorders have been around for a long time, but they are still favored by many people. The ink-jet recorder is a recorder that uses ink to record music. The ink-jet recorder was invented in 1934 by Frank Heath and Oliver Smithies. The ink-jet records sound onto paper that is coated with an ink. This ink is then pressed onto the paper. The ink that is used in the ink-jet recorder usually contains dye, but there are also ink-jet recorders that do not use dye. The ink-jet recorder uses an ink that is very thin and dries very quickly. It is because of this that the recorder is able to record sounds quickly, sometimes even in a few seconds. The ink-jet recorder is a device that has been around for over 80 years. Some people do not like using ink-jet recorders. One reason is that ink-jet recorders are not very reliable. Sometimes the ink in the recorder will not come out or the ink will smear across the paper. Ink-jet recording is a process that has a lot of limitations. The biggest limitation is the ink. The color of the ink is really limited and there is no way to change the ink color. Ink-jet recorders also have a lot of limitations. One limitation is the speed at which the ink comes out. The ink comes out very, very quickly. The ink comes out of the recorder so fast that it does not have enough time to record anything. Ink-jet recorders are not very common in today's music industry. Today's music industry uses digital recorders to record sounds.


I hope this post has helped you make an informed decision about the different types of recorder pens. If you have additional questions, please leave a comment below.


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