10 Best Elements Friend Sisters
for June 2023

The Friend Sisters are one of four elemental-themed figures in Takara Tomy's popular (and profitable) Transformers: Robots in Disguise product line. Each Friend Sister transforms from "pet" to "robot" and back again, and each comes in their own unique color scheme. The Friend Sisters are a bit of an anomaly in the Transformer world, as they feature human-like faces and bodies (some of them even wear leotards!). Despite their girlish exteriors, they are based on robots, who, of course, have elemental characteristics.

Takara Tomy's Transformers line, which has been around since 1986, has featured a number of past robot characters, including Optimus Prime, Megatron, Windcharger, Bumblebee and more. Over the years, the company has branched out into many different lines of Transformers, ranging from the Care Bears and the My Little Pony franchise. Today, Transformers is favored by boys and young men, but Takara Tomy still tries to release new products aimed at girls, even including new versions of popular Transformers characters.

The Different Guide test team evaluated the 10 best Transformers Friend Sisters, including their transformation capabilities, play value, and ease of use. We score each figure for design, play value, and transformation ability. We also evaluated the Friend Sisters on compatibility with other Takara Tomy Transformers and how well they performed in the Lab.

Different Guide editors independently choose recommendations. Purchases made through our links may earn us commissions.

Pavilion Gift Company 82417 Elements Truly Blessed to Have a Wonderful Friend Like You 5 Inch Double Angel Figurine

Pavilion Gift Company 82417 Elements Truly Blessed to Have a Wonderful Friend Like You 5 Inch Double Angel Figurine

by Pavilion Gift Company
What We like

These little angel figurines are cute, handmade and reasonably priced. The debossed lettering adds a nice touch.

Birthday Gifts for Women Best Friends, Friendship Gifts for Women BFF Gifts Birthday Gifts for Friends Female, Sister Gifts from Sister Lavender Scented Candles Funny Gifts for Women, Her, Friends…

Yorktend Birthday Gifts for Women Best Friends

by Yorktend
What We like

This gift set has an upscale look and matches any home style beautifully. The insulation is sturdy, the straw cleanable, and the tumblers fit securely onto most vehicle armseats.

Wine Gifts for Women Wine Insulated Tumbler Birthday Gift for Wine Lover Christmas Gift Basket for Mom Wife Sister Girlfriend Best Friend Loofah Sponge(Rose Gold)

Psukhai Wine Gifts for Women Wine Insulated Tumbler Birthday Gift for Wine Lover Christmas Gift Basket for Mom Wife Sister Girlfriend Best Friend Loofah Sponge(Rose Gold)

by Psukhai
What We like

This wine glass tumbler is made by skilled craftmen, the high quality of this tumbler can absolutely satisfy your demands. You can use it for wine, cocktails, water, juice, fruit tea, or other beverages. The thick insulation layer can keep your drink cool or hot for a long time. The 18/8 stainless steel will not absorb flavors from the beverage. It's the perfect gift for holiday gift for mom, wine gifts for women,Thinking of buying a gift for your sister, girlfriend, or wife? This tumbler will be your best choice.

Best Friend, Friendship Gifts for Women - Sister Gifts from Sister, Best Friend Birthday Gifts for Women, Friends Female - Funny Christmas Gifts for Women, Her, Mom, Friends, BFF - LEADO Wine Tumbler

LEADO Best Friend, Friendship Gifts for Women

What We like

Our reviewers liked the cute packaging and the stainless steel straw, but they thought the tumbler was too large.

Pavilion Gift Company Elements Friend Guardian Angel Figurine, 6

Pavilion Gift Company Elements Friend Guardian Angel Figurine

by Pavilion Gift Company
What We like

The Pavilion Gift Company Elements Friend Guardian Angel Figurine is the best of the cheap angel figurines we tested. The message is sweet, not corny, and the simple yet elegant design makes this angel stand out.

HOME SMILE Sister Birthday Gifts Trinket Dish -Always My Sister,Forover My Friend,Gifts for Sisters Bestie BFF Her…

HOME SMILE Sister Birthday Gifts Trinket Dish -Always My Sister

by Trinket Trays
What We like

"You are my sister, you are my everything" -remind your sister that she's always in your heart.

Renzhe Christmas Angel Friendship Statues, Resin Friends Figurines Statues Birthday Gifts Home Desktop Decorations Elements Friend Angel Figurine for Christmas (C)

Renzhe Christmas Angel Friendship Statues

by Renzhe
What We like

Very cute and Chinese, our runner-up pick is for displaying at home, which makes it a great gift idea. Offering multiple frames for each angel, the smart design means that you can display the same angel in multiple different positions.

Best Friends Figurines Statue Gifts,Darkduke Angel Figurine with Flowers,Memorial Elements Friend Angel Figurine, Sculpted Hand-Painted Angel Resin Tabletop Figure Birthday Christmas Decorations (C)

Darkduke Best Friends Figurines Statue Gifts

by Darkduke - Best Friends Figurines Statue
What We like

This sentimental angel Figurine makes a perfect gift for your best friends. It is a beautiful reminder of the strength of your friendship.

49 + One Middle Finger Travel Tumbler for Women, 20 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Tumbler with 2 Lids and Straws, Funny Turning 50th Idea for Wife Friends Sister Coworkers, Rose Gold

GINGPROUS 49 + One Middle Finger Travel Tumbler for Women

What We like

This gift rose gold tumbler can make the 40th anniversary party a memorable one. The 49+ one middle finger design makes it a perfect gift for any friends or family.

Mom Tumbler Birthday Gift for Mom, Funny Mom Gifts from Daughters Sons for Sister Friends Mother's Day Christmas Xmas Gift, 12 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler

GINGPROUS Mom Tumbler Birthday Gift for Mom

by Gingprous
What We like

The tumbler is durable and stylish. The fun gift comes with some extra perks, too. It makes a great gift for birthdays or other occasions.

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What elements can I use to make my sister's best bud?

If you are invited to your sister's best friend's birthday party, you may be wondering how you can best show your appreciation for her friendship. Here are some elements that you can use to create a gift for your friend:
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A birthday calendar: A birthday calendar is another inexpensive option. You can print the calendar using your computer or print it off of an actual calendar. Then, you can write your friend's birthday on the front with a permanent marker.
A photo collage: A photo collage is a custom gift for your friend. You can make the collage using frames or photo albums that you already own. Or, you can purchase pre-made collages that use professional-quality photos. If you do purchase pre-made ones, make sure that you use frames that match the decor of your friend's home.
Framed wish: A framed wish is a gift that shows how much you value your friend's friendship. You can print the wish onto a sheet of colored paper, and then frame it using picture frames that you already own.

How to make glass art?

Here are some ideas how to make glass art.
Use simple elements: To make a glass art, use simple elements. You can draw anything on it.
Swap the shapes: You can swap the shapes of a glass art.
Use colors: You can also use colors to make glass art. You can use colors to make glass art.
Choose the transparent or transparent colored glass: Use transparent or transparent colored glass to make glass art.
Paint it: You can use colors to paint it.
Draw it: Draw something on it.

How to make a pendant?

Make your own pendants with best elements with friends and sisters. Materials:
- Chain
- Pendant
- Charm
- Beads
1. Cut the two pieces of chain to your desired length.
2. Attach the pendant to the chain by sliding the pendant through the open link.
3. Attach the charm and beads to the chain.
4. Your pendant is ready.

How to make a pouch?

Make a simple pouch using 1 inch by 3 inch of fabric. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Stitch along the long edge. Then, fold the fabric in half again and iron the fold. Now, stitch along the folded edge. Open up the pouch. Stuff it. Fold it. Stitch along the open edge. Open up the pouch again. Stitch along the outside edge.

How to make a necklace?

How to make a necklace that is made up of different beads? You can make a necklace out of beads. Beads are round, flat, and cylindrical in shape. They come in a variety of different materials, including glass, plastic, and stone. Beads are made by using molten glass or stone. They are then shaped into beads. These beads have a hole in them, and a string is then placed through the hole. To make a necklace, you will need the following:
* 10 to 30 beads
* String, thread, or cord
* A clasp or lobster clasp
First, you will take the beads and string them onto string. You will do this by stringing one bead onto the string. Then, you will string two more beads onto the string (making them go in the same order as the first beads). Then, string one more bead onto the string. Repeat this process until your necklace is as long as you want. You will then take a clasp and attach it to the end of the string. Then, the necklace is complete!


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